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July 7, 2008

I almost forgot. There is something that I would like to get out of the way straight up. It concerns the country of which I consider myself to be a citizen. Colombia has earned (quite rightly) a bad reputation. But it is a beautiful country with fantastic people (especially the girls. WOW) and things are really improving there. Almost the entire ‘independent’ media and anti-American mob get stuck into my President Alvaro Uribe at every opportunity. Now, these people aren’t making these stories up, and Colombia still has a long way to go before it can be considered a safe and stable nation like, for instance, Australia. But when one compares Colombia today to how it was before President Uribe took office 6 or so years ago you could not have anything but admiration for the leadership of that man.

Anyway, below is a response that I emailed to an organisation that I have ENORMOUS respect for. (Please subscribe. They are AWESOME). A medialens’ite posted an article she found in some newspaper which claimed that the rescue of Ingrid Betancourt the other day was actually a fraud. The article claimed that the Colombian government actually paid $20 million to the FARC and had the assistance of the Israelis. And this is what I responded with:

This may very well be true but there is one thing that gets forgotten in the understandable reflexive suspicion of an ally of the U.S.A.. Colombians are the most cunning race I have ever met. How else do you explain the fact that they have virtually cornered the cocaine market when it can be grown over about half the continent? Violence alone cannot do that. Uribe is no puppet. He is a true patriot who is USING whoever and whatever he can in order to bring security to his beautiful country. That means he has to do some things that most of us medialensites disagree with like the free trade agreement and that ridiculous / ridiculously cunning laptop stunt. That is the trade off for using the might of the U.S. military. But you cannot have an economy without security. And that is what he is all about. And, yes, as usual it is the poor peasants to whom the benefits come last. That is shit but it is the way that this fucked up world works. I think Uribe will go down in Colombian history as its greatest President. He will finish his term and I reckon will be followed by Gaviria or maybe Betencourt. By that time Bush will be well and truly gone from the white house and Colombia will be well on the way to achieving true peace and prosperity for ALL its people. So lay off Uribe would ya. If he is good enough for the majority of Colombian people why is that not good enough for the rest of us?
Best wishes,

Now if that is not enough to convince you consider this. I am Australian. My girl Ana is Colombian. That means that when God ranks the countries of the world Colombia is second at worst. Now that we have cleared that up the following question is quite easy to answer.

Do you think that Senor Alvaro Uribe is the right man for the job or the wrong man for the job?


Correct. He is the right man for the job. A truly great President. And that is that.

Best wishes and peace to all,



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